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Evening thundershowers, hotter Memorial Day

A few thunderstorms will rumble across the region Sunday evening, mainly in southwest Montana north of I-90. Brief heavy rain, small hail, and isolated lightning strikes will be possible with the strongest cells. Most showers in the region will not be this strong and will merely provide some moisture on this warm spring evening. 

Memorial Day itself should be clear and calm to start.  Highs will rise to the mid 70s in southwest Montana, mid 80s along Highway 93, and upper 80s in parts of Mineral, Lincoln, and Sanders counties. With warm weather expected to continue through Wednesday, could we see our first 90 of the year?

During Memorial Day afternoon a few showers will develop, but they should do little more than cause brief periods of rain. Rain chances remain low at 20 percent as rainfall coverage will be few and far between. 

A storm system entering the area Wednesday should kick up a few thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening.  Wednesday and Thursday could see some strong storms as they tap into the afternoon heat. Temperatures will cool down with highs in the 70s late in the week. Showers will linger through next Saturday. 

Because of the continued warmth, rivers will be running fast, full, and cold. The Flathead, Big Hole, Salmon, and Jefferson rivers will all be into or near minor flood stage by the middle of the week. The Salmon River is forecast to hit moderate flood stage Thursday or Friday. 

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