New York (WPIX) -

Halloween would not have been Halloween this year if someone didn't have the bright idea to show up dressed up as wildly popular "Breaking Bad" bad guy Walter White, alias "Heisenberg."

Gothamist reports co-workers and pals Carley H. and Vaughn Vance tried to go shopping at a Whole Foods in Manhattan. They didn't get past the produce section before Vance, who was dressed in underwear, was stopped by security.

The security guard even addressed him in character, saying, "Mr. White, I'm sorry, but I need to check with my manager before you can go in, sir."

Of course, the store manager told the pair they could not go any farther because of how Vance was dressed. Underwear-only is apparently against store policy.

Whole Foods may not have been bowled over by Vance's tighty-whities get-up, but shoppers were. Many wanted to get pictures of "Mr. White" before he and his friend were shown the door.