With a nearly perfect record of 12-0-1, the Yellowjackets find themselves one win away from playing in the state championship.

"Well it's awesome I mean all through my high school four years I've been wanting this," says senior Sam Giese.  "We've got home field, we've got the crowd, so it's awesome we're just going to keep working hard and try to go all the way."

"Coaches don't really win games, kids do and we just happen to have the right kids at the right time and that's really the success," says head coach Ralph Serrette.  "The kids pass well, they've worked hard for it and their determined and they promised me they were going to win it their senior year and what they're doing."

Their hard work and success this season earned them the #1 overall seed for the playoffs and the squad says home field advantage is definitely not overrated.

"Well I'm really excited, the crowd is always backing us up and having more people come out to the playoffs than we did in the regular season is way louder and makes it way more fun to be out here," says senior forward Joseph Daniels.

"Home is always great.  The grass is long, I cut the grass to fit the speed and we love playing at home," added Serrette.

After their first round against Libby, the 'Jackets will host Billings Central this Saturday, the same team that eliminated Stevi in last year's playoffs.

"It's awesome it's great to have another chance against Billings in postseason and not just regular season because the postseason atmosphere is completely different, it's way more intense out here," says Daniels.

"I think both teams probably were excited, it's going to be a good game.  We know they've probably improved just like they did last year so we're going to go in strong and try to beat them," says Giese.

The Yellowjackets will host Billings Central Saturday, October 26 at 3:00 PM.  The winner of that semifinal will play the winner of Livingston/Belgrade for the state championship.