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Two Livingston Taekwondo students prepare for Nationals in California


Two Livingston Taekwondo students prepare for Nationals

Two Taekwondo students from a small martial arts studio in Livingston will compete in the USA Taekwondo National Championships next week in San Jose, California.

"Really excited," said 7 year old Logan Rogers.

"Really, really excited," said 8 year old Kennedy Rorick.

Their excitement is contagious. 7 year old Logan and 8 and a half year old Kennedy are training under Dan Williams, who is thrilled to see his student going to nationals. However, for Williams, it is nothing new for his students to reach that level.

"It's great to have the students going," Williams said. "In the past we've had several students, anywhere between one student one year and thirteen one year. It's gonna be great."

Both Logan and Kennedy say they're confident after qualifying for nationals in Missoula in May, but as students they still have something to work on.

"Learning," said Logan. "Learning a little more and Gyeorugi and sparring.

"Favorite part of this is getting to learn all the new people and sparring," Kennedy said.

Sparring is the unanimous favorite amongst the two, but as young students, Williams hopes they soak in all Nationals has to offer and learn about their own taekwondo.

"Just see how big taekwondo and martial arts are in the world," said Williams. "We're kind of in a little corner here, so they can just go to the tournament where there are 6,000 competitors in a big stadium of some sort, and so a lot different than tournaments here."

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