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Roller Girlz looking for new recruits at Fresh Meat Boot Camp


Roller Girlz looking for new recruits at Fresh Meat Bootcamp

The toughest girls on skates are looking for some new recruits as the Gallatin Roller Girlz opened their 8 week Fresh Meat Boot Camp.

Some mothers and daughters may enjoy going on a hike or getting a pedicure. Others however, would like to lace up some skates with the toughest girls on the planet.

"My mom, she's like, 'I signed up for roller derby camp," said Fresh Meat attendee Jessika Auger. "And I didn't really know what it was, so I googled it and about had a heart attack because my mom was gonna go do this stuff. Then she convinced me in 5 minutes to come along with her."

Jessika and her mother, Krista Gindlesperger, saw these roller girls were looking for some new recruits and jumped at the chance.

"Actually just heard a radio interview last week and just decided this is what I'm doing," Krista said. "You know, some parents and moms and daughters bond over manicures, I guess we're gonna bond over roller derby."

But roller girls aren't the only ones the Girlz need. They need some help finding people to keep those ladies in line.

"They knew they needed some refs," said John F. Penalty, a skating official for the team. "The basic stuff they have to do is they have to learn how to fall safely. They have to learn how to crash safely. They have to learn how to skate and that's what the Fresh Meat training program is about."

So whether skating is your thing or you've always wanted to give officiating a chance, the Roller Girlz have an opening for you.

"It is a woman's sport," John F. Penalty said. "But men can be refs and the sports rules are intricate enough that there needs to be skating refs."

"They're going by, they're all cheering for us new recruits going by like 'woo fresh meat," Jessika said.

"I haven't skated in 30 something years," said Krista. "So I'm taking it slow but I'm having a great time and I've been practicing at home and just really looking forward to it."

Sign-ups for the program end this Thursday. You can join the girls practices on Tuesday or Thursday at the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds from 7 until 9 p.m.

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