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Phenomenal pitching duo leads Lady Broncs

Phenomenal pitching duo leads Lady Broncs 5-1-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - You won't find any softball hitters in the Treasure State that look forward to playing against the Lady Broncs.  You have to pick your poison in the circle between the senior Abby Indreland and the sophomore Morgan Ray, possibly the best pitching duo to ever come through the state of Montana. 

"Thinking back I can't really think of a situation where I've seen a high school team be that fortunate to have two arms like that," said Frenchtown head coach Eli Field of his aces.

"Yeah it's really rare and it's a really good thing," said Indreland.  "It  takes a lot of stress off of one pitcher having two pitchers like that."

As much respect and fear as these pitchers have garnered across the state from opposing batters, there is no one that respects them more than each other as teammates.

"Her starting all four years really makes me want to do better and be as good as her of course," commented Ray.  "She's really proven herself throughout the whole state."

"I'm pretty sure she's the best pitcher to come through the state already, she throws heat," said Indreland of her counterpart.  "But I know she's going to continue to get better and make some noise in college too."

This is the second season in a row that the two have been able to work side by side at the varsity level.  They agree that they wouldn't be where they are now without the help of each other.

"Working together makes you want to be just as good as her or her just as good as me, just being competitive with each other," said Indreland.

"We push each other and we make each other want to be better because we're both pitchers on this team and we split it pretty evenly," agreed Ray.

"They pull for each other and they are sincerely supportive of one another.  They're outstanding teammates," said Field.

Of course both of these players have bright futures ahead of them at the collegiate level.  Indreland will be walking on to Utah State next season to play for the Aggies.  Morgan Ray still has two more years, but she's already got a verbal commitment to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

"Every game I have my Buckeye that the coach gave me and I keep it in my back pocket," said Ray.  "I touch it after every pitch so that I remember what I'm working for, because I have to keep getting better and I can't just be how I am right now."

"Well as a pitcher, pitcher always sets the tone," offered Indreland.  "I think that we both have a lot of improving to do but I think we're escalating throughout the season and we'll hopefully hit that peak by state."

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