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MSU students react to Griz sanctions


MSU reaction

BOZEMAN, Mont. - With the NCAA sanctions coming down on the University of Montana football team, many wondered what would happen to the inscription on the Great Divide Trophy now that it will be viewed as loss for the Grizzlies.

The Griz won the trophy back in 2011, and had their name engraved on the award, but the following year it was won by the Bobcats so the trophy is currently at MSU.

NBC Montana spoke to Assistant Athletic Media Director Bill Lamberty who told me the NCAA has specific guidelines on how to proceed with record changes and that MSU will wait for the NCAA and the University of Montana to make the change before they adjust their records.

The rivalry between the Cats and the Griz is one of the biggest in the state and now it has gotten a little more interesting, so it didn't take long to find current MSU students talking about the sanctions.

"It just kind of adds to the perception that a lot of people have about the student athletes being above the law and not taking responsibility for their own actions," said MSU student Neil Mannix. "We are all from Montana so we'd like to say we all follow the rules. It's definitely surprising but still tough to hear."

"I'm kind of torn over it," said MSU student Clay Amann.  "I feel bad for them but at the same time it will be interesting to see what Cat-Griz is like this year for sure. I'm excited to see what the reaction is, but it will definitely build up."

"I think it is ridiculous that the boosters  were able to help that much," said MSU student and Homecoming Queen Alli Spika.  "I think they deserve the penalties they got. Yes they are a Montana school, which is great, but I feel now it separates them in a negative way."

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