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Moore selected to Texas vs Nation all-star game

Moore selected to Texas vs Nation all-star game

MISSOULA, Mont. - Over the past several seasons many former Montana grizzly football players have found post-college homes for teams in the NFL.

This winter Dan Moore has been training in California with hopes that his name would be the next among the list.  

This morning the recent Montana alum received a phone call that held with it an opportunity that would greatly increase his chances of achieving that professional goal.

"My agent called me and told me there was a spot open for the Texas vs. Nation game," said Moore today.  "Kind of a chaotic day with my shoulder pads and everything in Montana.  They're going to end up sending my stuff overnight down there and I've got practice tomorrow at 3:00."

The Texas vs. Nation game is one of the biggest college all-star events that any football player can compete in.  Players from across the country come in hoping to get an opportunity to impress NFL scouts and get a chance at the next level.

"This is not a Mickey Mouse game," said Griz Head Coach Mick Delaney. "It's a good game and nation-wide game so this is a great opportunity for Dan."

Moore came out of high school as one of the top fullback recruits in the country.  He played mostly runningback this past season due to the spread offense system that the Grizzlies had in place.  He's looking forward to getting back to fullback for this game and he knows that's where his opportunity lies in the NFL. 

"You know i haven't played fullback in a while and that's primarily what the nfl wants to see me as.  so it's a huge opportunity.  i want to get in there and show them that i can block and show them that i can catch the ball out of the backfield."

"Well they're going to find out that Dan is just a tremendously strong young man," said Delaney.  "He's faster than most people think.  The other advantage that Dan has is he has good hands out of the backfield. I think that if he's given the opportunity in that game he'll surprise a lot of people."

No matter what his football future holds, Moore says he's excited to be representing the University of Montana on a national stage.

"I'm the only grizzly that's going to be out there from what I understand.  I'm sure everyone in Montana would love to see a Griz helmet on ESPN again.  I'm going to do it for everyone up there and do it for myself."

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