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Montana team to compete in U.S. Club Soccer National Championships

Bozeman Blitzz

The U-14 Girls Bozeman Blitzz soccer team won the Northwest Regionals on June 25th in Seattle.

The girls have now qualified for the U.S. Club Soccer Championships which will be held on July 18th. The girls won the regionals in the most dramatic fashion you can, a shoot out!

The girls braved the high temperatures yesterday and practiced at the Monforton School grounds working on foot speed, passing and communication drills. I talked to coach Megan Bergstedt and a few of the the girls at practice to get their thoughts heading into the Championships. They said they are excited for the opportunity and are glad that their hard work has paid off.

"I'm really proud of us," said Blitzz Forward Abby Ross. "We worked so hard and I think that we deserved it. We've grown so much as a team so it doesn't really surprise me that we did that well because we worked so hard for it."

"Its awesome and really exciting!" Blitzz defender Lizzie Rich said with a smile. "We are all super close friends as a team and we support each other and push each other to do better."

"We are a team that has won a championship and is competitive and it gets little girls excited about that," said head coach Megan Bergstedt. "They have people to look up to not just high school players now but players who are closer in age to them.  As coaches it's so much fun to see kids out there excited about the game."

Best of luck to the Blitzz team as they head to the Championships

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