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Missoula's Keast commits to Lady Griz

Missoula's Keast commits to Lady Griz 7-2-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - When the summer began, Missoula Sentinel standout basketball player Maddie Keast still didn't know where she'd be going following her senior year for the Spartans.  But that all changed just a few weeks ago on June 13th, and as it turns out she's going to be staying right here in Missoula.

"It was actually a pretty big surprise," said Keast.  "Coach Selvig asked to talk to me before I was going to go play open gym with the Lady Griz one day. I stopped in his office and he offered me and it's really just been a dream come true. I'm so very blessed with the opportunity."

Keast says the scholarship offer was definitely a big surprise.

"I was in complete shock. I immediately just wanted to be like yes I'm going to take it. I cried tears of joy I was so thrilled and overwhelmed it was awesome."

Growing up in Missoula, Keast says it's always been her biggest goal to play right here at Montana.

"Ever since I was little I've always dreamed of being a Lady Griz."

Keast says she feels extremely fortunate to have Karen Deden as a high school head coach and her fortunes will only continue at the next level under Robin Selvig.

"He's been great," said Keast of Selvig.  "He's someone that you can just call and talk to. Being able to be coached by him with the knowledge and the experience he has... he's just a basketball encyclopedia pretty much and I'm so excited to be coached by him."

It's definitely been an unforgettable year for Keast.  Her first year at Sentinel she wins a state championship and now she's verbally committed to the program she's always wanted to play for.

"This has been the best year of my life. I love coach Deden I love Sentinel and my teammates and it's just been such a blessing. I wouldn't change anything in this past year its  just been such a ride."

And of course she still has her whole senior year left at Sentinel.  The Lady Spartans have nothing short of a third straight state championship on their mind this next winter.

"I have a whole year just to go play and just keep working and getting better," says Keast. "Just knowing where I'm going to go is such a huge relief and such a blessing."

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