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Missoula Marathon among the nation's best


Missoula Marathon among the nation's best

MISSOULA, Mont. - A few years ago Runner's Magazine named the Missoula Marathon the top marathon in the country. Friday we talked to asked a runner who has finished the marathon three times to find out what makes it so special.

Darr Tucknott explains, "The Missoula Marathon course starts out by Frenchtown, and so you start before the sun has even come up, and the cows are out and the horses are out."

"You start out there on Mullan Road and you're heading towards Missoula. You go past the old mill site and you go past a lot of farms. Then you hit the Big Flat area and you hit the hill a little after the halfway point of the race, which is pretty tough," she says.

"Once you finally get into Missoula, and the crowds are out and you're running through some of the best tree-lined streets in Missoula."

"People are out with their sprinklers cheering you on -- the finish is just incredible. When you come across that Higgins Street bridge that is just lined with people, and you can see the finish line, it's just a huge feeling to cross that finish line. [You] know it took a lot of hard work, and a lot of great days being active, that get you to the finish line," says Tucknott.

All the spots for the full marathon are full, but you can still register to run the half marathon or 5K. Click here for registration details.

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