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Missoula Big Sky features soccer camp with overseas advice

Big Sky Soccer gets kicked into shape

Big Sky High School is getting kicked into shape this hosting a co-ed soccer camp with some international flavor. The five-day camp is being led by five coaches from Barcelona of the premier league in Spain.

This camp has come to realization from a number of years of work. In 2010, twenty Big Sky athletes were taken to Barcelona and trained with the FC Barcelona director of methodology.

"To have this opportunity to hear these people who have trained under the highest level and have been coached by the highest level coaches is an experience that changes the game for us. We see the game differently both coaches and players," said Coach Brandon Honzel.

 The coaches from Barcelona are amazed to see the commitment level of these kids as well as their respect towards their coaches.

 "That's the coolest thing I think. Through a ball like how and American people could relate and they can talk the same language that is soccer," explained Barcelona clinic leader Pere Bascu.

The players are learning the thorough history of soccer and tons of new skill sets, but  Big Sky's coaches have learned plenty of new tricks as well.

Big Sky soccer player Matthew Docan explained his favorite part of the camp so far:

"My favorite part of this experience was probably yesterday's afternoon session when we went inside and went theoretical with soccer. I think it's a real interesting approach that I've never really done in my entire life and I think it brings another understanding to the game and it's something really interesting." 

 Big Sky soccer is participating in the USA cup in Minnesota next week and the team is planning to stay in an international dorm. The coaches from Barcelona are excited to  make a brand for themselves and look to continue soccer clinics internationally. 

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