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Marathon runner recounts Boston chaos


MISSOULA, Mont. - Sara Stahl, a Missoula resident, spoke with NBC Montana as she waited to board her flight at Logan Airport in Boston, with the memories of Monday's events still fresh in her mind. She ran the marathon with her sister, and ended up finishing and getting to a gathering area before the bombs went off.

A runner told her about the explosions, and she rushed to make sure her sister was OK. Eventually, she caught up with her sister, and amidst the chaos she actually ended up running into another Missoula-area runner.

"She wasn't able to get into her hotel and she was cold and we were able to take her back to my cousin's, who lives in Newton, which is maybe 18 miles from downtown, and get her something to eat and that kind of thing so I knew she was OK,"  said Stahl.

Stahl is expected to land in Missoula around midnight, and she tells NBC Montana that she is looking forward to seeing her family and hugging her kids.

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