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Loyola's state champion football team recognized in Missoula

Loyola Home of Champions

Missoula, Mont. - Loyola high school recognized their fall sports teams in front of family and community Wednesday afternoon at Loyola High School. A major part of the celebration was to congratulate the state champion and undefeated Loyola Ram football team.

"You know we started this year with one goal and that was to win a state championship. We knew that was going to require a lot of hard work and you know we put in all that hard work and it paid off in the end," said senior quarterback Matt McHugh.

This fall Loyola won their second straight and second ever state title on the gridiron. They also went undefeated for a second straight season to earn some well deserved hardware for their trophy case.

Missoula Mayor John Engen was in attendance for the recognition ceremony. He honored the school for being named "home of champions" due to their record number of class 'B' athletic titles.

"To have the Mayor of the city come in and make a day after us and the city of Missoula that's pretty special. To do that as a senior with a group of guys I love is pretty special," explained senior wide receiver Pat Kosena.

After the assembly the football team took a championship ride on a Missoula fire truck. They cruised the downtown area sporting their state title gear and hardware.

The cold afternoon didn't stop the team from being full of excitement, because they know this years team is going to be part of the school's championship history for years to come.

Rams head coach Dan Weber knows how much of a team effort it is to make back-to-back championships a possibility. "Well my favorite part year in and year out has been working with the kids. To me being around the young athletes is a positive experience for me and I truly like the families we have hear at Loyola, and just being able to be around their sons has been a true blessing to me."

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