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Hunter Gappmayer discusses decision to join Montana Tech


Hunter Gappmayer

Two Hawk's will fly to Butte this fall to suit up for the Montana Tech Orediggers.

Running-back Hunter Gappmayer and guard Jack Hape will trade in their red for green after Tech head coach Chuck Morrell announced the signing of the two Bozeman stars Tuesday.

Arguably the best running-back in the state of Montana, Gappmayer led the Hawk's with 1,256 rushing yards this season.

"They've been in contact with me ever since this summer," said Gappmayer. "They've really been on me and it just kind of seemed like the perfect fit. They've got kind of the offense that I want to be a part of. They have a really talented running back that I can learn a lot from."

Gappmayer led the state with 25 touchdowns despite missing 4 of the Hawk's final 5 games due to a cracked collarbone, including the state championship.

"It feels great right now," he said. "Been back lifting so it's been responding. It's just a great feeling to know my career wasn't over this season and I'll have a chance to continue on after all that happened."

Gappmayer had talked to Montana State and Montana but said that the scholarship opportunity at Tech was to much to pass up.

"It was pretty close for me" he said. "It was a hard decision between going there or staying here with what I know. Got a walk on at Montana State or even try to just see how I'd fair if I walked on at University of Montana. It kind of came down to those three."

Gappmayer said he and Montana Tech head coach Chuck Morrell have discussed his role for next season and he likes what he has heard."

"I've talked to them a lot about what they see me doing," said Gappmayer. "Just kind of going in, learning from their top guy right now. Fit to where once he leaves, hopefully I can step up and fill those big shoes."

Gappmayer will also have one of the big men he lined up behind heading to Tech with him. Hape, a 6'4 258-pound guard was the man who opened up some of those gaps for Gappmayer's huge season. An All-State selection at guard, Hape was part of a Hawk line that helped lead the state in almost every offensive category including yards per play and touchdowns.

"Me and Hape, we've been good friends since middle school," Gappmayer said. "It's been great to have that person you're comfortable with and have that someone there from Bozeman who knows who you are."

His parents also couldn't be more thrilled with his decision to stay relatively close to Bozeman.

"They're we're really excited," Gappmayer laughed. "They said if I wanted to come home every weekend I could!"

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