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Hellgate's young Knights team looks to open eyes


Hellgate Knights football preview 8-24-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - Western Montana high school football kicks off this coming weekend. Teams around the area are focusing on making everything come together as summer practices come to a close. Hellgate junior quarterback Brayden Frohlich is excited for his first career start.

"It's fun to be out here and play with these guys that are returning, and win some games."

After a tough 1-9 record last season the Knights are excited to show off their young talent on this year's roster.

"This year's group like I said is the most tight knit group we have. The hardest working tight knit group we have and we are going to get better every day all year," explained Knights head coach R.L. Boyles.  "I absolutely believe that, and it's all about playing cohesively together being a bunch of brothers, and that is what we're going to do."

Their offense will be taken over by junior quarterback Brayden Frohlich and the experience of their six returning seniors.

"The senior group, the kids we have are pretty darn good. They are going to be some of the best players in the state at their position without a doubt.  And so they are the leaders, the physical leaders and the emotional leaders of our team," said Boyles.

With lots of young members on this year's squad, there can be question marks on what to expect. But also means there can be lots of potential and room for improvement.

"Definitely a challenge but I think we're ready to show people that we're going to come to play this year," said senior receiver Hunter Mahlum.

"I think we do have a lot of potential and makes everyone excited to see that we have all this young players and a future," said Frohlich.

With little time before their season opener against the power house Helena Capital, Hellgate is trying to sharpen up. And put the necessary work in so they can show everyone what they are capable of once the lights turn on and they step foot onto the field.

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