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Grizzly Express Picks Up Steam


Grizzly Express

Missoula, MONT. - Off the field the "Grizzly Express" running back duo led by Travon "Juice" Van and Jordan Canada enjoy playing old Nintendo games and teasing each other about getting tackled behind. Once these slashers get the ball, they can make big plays for the Grizzly offense. Starting running back Jordan Canada has shown great leadership this season.

"Keep your priorities right. We are here to go to school and play football second. Honestly all I've really done is just prioritize them."

Van a newcomer this season after transferring from Marshall is quickly becoming a house hold name after his talents were displayed under the lights at Washington Grizzly Stadium. Canada the Grizzlies starting running back has shown his maturity and elusiveness this season even though they have set foot to the turf only once.

"Ya we keep...we definitely...keep each other focused that way if I make good plays he's always telling me you..that's how you supposed to run an vice versa. So we definitely feed of each other to make it work," explained Canada.

Once Canada hits open field it is as though he is floating. A reflection on Van's visor is as close as some defenders get to Juice. As his sharp cuts and spins make defenders miss time and time again. His teammates will also tell you he has a mean stiff arm that won't let you get to his feet.

Running backs coach Justin Green believes that the sky is the limit for the "Grizzly Express".

"We got some guys. We got some characters. You know you should see them off the field they're a lot of fun to be around and they're an exciting group."

For any running back…speed kills in the backfield

"You slow on that you look slow on that one. That's are main competition is speed, so we try to compete on that," Van said.

When asked about a future race between the two…Van welcomes the idea. Until then they will let their games do the talking.

"Not yet. I been telling Canada whenever he's ready. He said alright Imma let you know....imma let you know," said Van.

Both slashers hit the century mark in their season opener against Appalachian State which made eyes open and the offense flourish. Something the team hopes to see this weekend against North Dakota.

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