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Gallatin Roller Girlz show softer side outside the rink


Gallatin Roller Girlz show softer side outside the rink

When you hear the words 'Roller Girls' the first image that may come to mind is of a girl who is always looking for a fight. But in Bozeman, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

"You meet people from all different walks off life," said Gallatin Roller Girl Mauled Whiskey. "We've got metal workers, we've got girls who drive the snow plow. I do neuroscience research at MSU."

Marian the Barbarian may sound like the name of a girl you wouldn't want to cross in a dark alley, but in reality she is a librarian in Bozeman who officiates for the girls.

"You really can't make assumptions about the girls that are out here," said Marian. "We come from all sorts of backgrounds. We've got PhD's and bartenders and librarians and real estate agents. We've got the a gamut of careers here."

"It's so funny when you get to know the girls, first on the court, and then you see them one day with their six year old daughter," said Mauled Whiskey. "It really makes you appreciate how you can express different aspects of your life."

And even if you can't skate, the girls will find a place for you on this squad.

"If you can't skate, but really want to have some high energy action, you're more than welcome to come and join," said Anne Dixon, a non-skating official for the Roller Girlz. "There are so many things that the skaters can't do the day of the bout that need to be done."

Bozeman has been very receptive to the Roller Girlz, packing the stands at every bout, something this group of girls never expected.

"I first went to derby bouts in North Carolina," said Marian. "That's how I learned about the sport and I've never seen a crowd like Bozeman, it's incredible."

"They come in and they're hooting and yelling and they're supporting the team," said Dixon. "It's as crazy as any other sport you'll ever see."

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