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Former Texans prepare for Stephen F Austin showdown Saturday


MSU vs Stephen F. Austin

The Bobcats are two days away from their second away game of the season and it will also be the second time this year it will be in the Lone Star State. As the team wraps up practice this week they say they want to improve upon last weeks performance.

"Last week there were plays that we felt we left on the field," said MSU junior linebacker Michael Foster. "We're always trying to get better. We need to stop the run and put teams in third and medium and third and longs, not make it short third downs."

Texas has been kind to the Bobcats in terms of recruiting as thirteen players on the roster are from the Lone Star State. Foster, who is from Seabrook, Texas (two and a half hours from Stephen F. Austin) says it's nice to get back in front of friends and family

"Anytime you can play in front of your family, that's big time. My parents don't have the opportunity to make it up here, it's a long ways. Anytime you have an opportunity to play in front of them, it's a great feeling."

One man who is especially excited about this trip is the secondary coach, Brandon North, who is a Stephen F. Austin alumn.

"I'm going back to my alma mater to play the team that I used to play for," said North. "Some of my closest friends and family are still there and I can't wait to go down and show them what we can do."

The Bobcats fell in their first trip to Texas this season but are ready to show what Montana football is all about.

"I want to go down there and put on the best show we possibly can," North said. "We wanna go down there and have a shut down performance on all phases of the game. Defense, special teams, offense and just show them what type of football we play up here at Montana State. Show them that Texas ain't the only state that plays great football!"

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