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Former Hawk wrestler named assistant coach at Purdue


Former Hawk wrestler named assistant coach at Purdue

Former Bozeman Hawk wrestler and current Purdue assistant coach, Tyrel Todd, came to Bozeman last week to help train young wrestlers at a summer wrestling camp hosted by the Hawk wrestling program. Former Olympians and current college coaches joined Todd with hopes of growing the sports of wrestling in the state.

"My hope is that it inspires some of these guys to really vest in this and to achieve maybe even beyond that which is the most they can imagine," said Todd.  "Just above and beyond, that's my goal."

"We had duals Monday and Tuesday and we had a few hundred kids for those," said Bozeman head coach Nate Laslovich. "Then quite a few of them left and we still have over 100 kids wrestling and it's just awesome to see four mats filled up with wrestlers."

Todd, a former Big 10 champion wrestler at Michigan, was named the new assistant coach at Purdue in June and says the opportunity to rejoin the Big 10 was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Purdue is in the Big 10 and it's the best conference for wrestling period," said Todd. "There's a lot of tough teams but the Big 10, top to bottom, is the toughest. To go through that schedule, I wrestled in the Big 10 at Michigan, and to be able to coach and train athletes in that conference is truly a great opportunity for me."

Todd was an assistant coach at Arizona State last year but says he was thrilled to join Purdue head coach Tony Ersland's staff and try to help the program grow.

"It's an opportunity to move up professionally working with coach Tony Ersland," Todd said. "He asked me to partner with him to build this program and that's what I'm looking to do."

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