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Eagles turning things around

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Big Sky Eagles got back into the gym yesterday just one day after Christmas.  But this season the boys team has to be much more excited about hitting the court than they were a year ago.

Last year at this time the Eagles were 0-5.  This year the team has turned it around big time with a record of 4-1.  Their only loss came in a close game against Billings Skyview.

In fact, Big Sky has already quadrupled their win total from all of last year and they haven't even started conference play yet.

Compared to last season at this time: the Eagles are averaging over 20 more points of offense per game while their defense is giving up eight less points per game than a year ago.

At practice this week the team says the biggest difference is head coach Bryan Ferriter and the intensity he's brought to practice everyday.

"Practices are a lot more strict and hard-working," says senior guard R.J. LaValley about the new regiment.  "Last year we just kind of took breaks between drills and stuff.  But it's go go go now and we're getting to that pace and we run a lot."

"He really makes us work hard and pushes us and that's good for us and that's kind of what we need," agreed senior guard Ryan Koster.  "We need to play together and he doesn't allow any crazy play or anything... it's togetherness that he wants and we're working on that and getting that."

Big Sky's next game will be a big test at home on Thursday, January 3rd when they play host to the Glacier Wolfpack.

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