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Crossfit Bozeman preparing for Bridger Showdown

Countdown begins for Crossfit competition

Crossfit Bozeman

The Bridger Crossfit showdown is just a month away which means it is time for the competitors to get serious right? Well at Crossfit Bozeman the athletes say they want to be competitive but still have a good time.

"We like to compete and we have fun," said Alyssa Franks, who teaches at Crossfit Bozeman and will be judging the competition. "We have a few elite athletes but mostly we're here to get stronger, get healthier and have a good time doing it. That's why we come here and that's why people keep coming back to this gym."

"We like to focus on really good form and really good technique," said Jodi Redfied, who will be competing in the Showdown. "We have a lot of fun and if that works out to our benefit in the placing standards then that's awesome."

While Crossfit Bozeman may look calm on the outside it is anything but that on the inside. Once the clock began the music was turned all the way up and these athletes got to work, going from joking with one another to immediately hitting the weights.

"For me it's more of a mental thing," said Allie Scott, who will also be competing in the Bridger Showdown. "I'm not usually one to compete so I just try to get myself ready. I try to push myself and find skills to work on so I can get better."

There is only so much they can do in the gym as they all laughed and said nutrition is the hardest part.

"The week of the competition you definitely want to start getting your protein in and a lot of water, no alcohol...for the most part," said Alyssa as she laughed. "We do our best, we're average Joes you know. We like to have fun."

The workout for the competition has yet to be announced so I asked the athletes what their favorite workouts would be to make it the most fun in their minds.

"We do a lot of the benchmark workouts, the Girls," Alyssa replied. "I'm used to judging those types of workouts and because I'm used to those movements standards and they are so common to me I would like to judge that. I want to be on my game and be really strict and really fair at the same time so definitely one of the benchmark workouts would be ideal."

"Something like cleans, maybe a little bit heavier and pull-ups maybe," said Jodi. "Just throw in a nasty bodyweight movement."

"A bunch of double unders would be great," said Allie. "Some cleans and some push jerks would probably be my favorite. That would be my three combinations so maybe Bridger will do that when they see this."
We will have to see once the competition begins on August 24th at Bridger Crossfit.

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