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Competing Cousins: Sullivan and Selvig lead Lady Griz

Competing Cousins: Sullivan and Selvig lead Lady Griz 12-4-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - "They probably all see too much of me if you asked them," says head coach Robin Selvig of his nieces and current Lady Griz players Jordan Sullivan and Carly Selvig.

Sullivan and Carly Selvig see a lot of their uncle Robin Selvig these days on the court, but that wasn't always the case.  Growing up in Glendive and Sidney on the eastern edge of Montana, Lady Griz camps in Missoula were one of the only chances they got to see their uncle Robin.

"It was always the highlight of the summer to hop in the van and put the TV in the car and watch a couple movies and come out to camps since we lived so far away," recalls Sullivan.

"It was so cool being with the Lady Griz and I know I wanted to be part of a Lady Griz team," says Carly of her younger years coming to camps in Missoula.  "My mom always said you've got to work hard, you've got to work hard and I think me and Jordy knew that's what we wanted and we shot for our dreams and we got here."

These cousins have been through a lot already so far in their careers on the court together but their competitive bond started at a much younger age.

"We use to fight about Barbies and stupid things like that ," says Sullivan.  "So it's nice that we've both grown out of that."

"We were fighting over Barbies and Polly Pockets and whatnot growing up," added Carly.  "And then we started playing basketball."

"I think they've always been pretty close cousins and interestingly they played against each other at rival schools in high school," says coach Selvig of his nieces.  "They've always been pretty close and I think they get a pretty good kick out of being able to play together."

"You know not very many people get to say they got to travel or go through the ups and downs with somebody that is family," said Sullivan. "So I think I'll really appreciate throughout my life."

Carly and Jordan both say it's an honor to have someone from their family be such a legendary coach, and that playing for Robin in Missoula has been a very special experience.

"You know after the 800th win you just think about the amount of people that have contributed to that," said Sullivan.

"I definitely realize how blessed I am," added Carly.  "I just think it's really neat to be a part of that and especially playing for a legendary coach, it's just truly a blessing."

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