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Chase Reynolds makes the cut in St. Louis

One of seven former Griz to make NFL 53-man roster

Reynolds makes the cut 9-3-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - Former Grizzly running back Chase Reynolds is in his 3rd year with the St. Louis Rams.  But after spending two seasons on the practice squad, the Drummond native wanted more this year heading into the final preseason weekend;  Reynolds had his sights set on making that 53-man roster. 

"At this point in my career I feel that I've done everything in my ability that I could have done," explains Reynolds.  "And if it was my time to not be here then I looked back on it like I don't have many regrets, in fact I don't have any regrets. This off-season I worked as hard as I've ever worked."

Chase's hard work didn't go unnoticed by his team and coaches.  On Sunday Reynolds found out he had indeed made the 52-man roster heading into the regular season of NFL football.

"When I did find out that I finally made it... I mean all that hard work you put into it, you hope it's worth it and it was worth it at that moment so it's pretty exciting."

Helping Reynolds chances was his performance in last week's preseason contest against the Ravens.  After a carry for negative yards late in the game, Chase had his prayers answered when they decided to give him another chance with the ball.  Reynolds caught the screen pass, broke a tackle and recorded a 17 yard touchdown on the play.

"He comes out and calls a cross screen and I'm thinking okay, awesome," recalls Reynolds of the moments before his big play.  "When I got in the end zone and turned around and saw the guys coming it brings you back to the college days and it's a great time, an exciting time."

Moving forward Reynolds says he's hungry to prove himself and that will start on special teams.

"Start being an impact player on special teams.  Not just out there doing my job but overdoing my job and doing things that aren't expected of me. I want to shine on special teams and if the opportunity comes at running back I want to step up in there and not miss a beat."

OTHER GRIZ PLAYERS TO MAKE 53-MAN ROSTER IN NFL: Trumaine Johnson (Rams), Colt Anderson (Eagles), Shann Schillinger (Falcons), Kroy Biermann (Falcons), Jimmy Wilson (Dolphins), Dan Carpenter (Bills).

GRIZ PLAYERS ON INJURED RESERVE: Lex Hilliard (Jets), Marc Mariani (Titans), Dan Moore (Colts).

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