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Butte Cobras ink their first player


Butte Cobras ink their first player

In late March the Butte Cobras named their first head coach and late Sunday night the Cobras announced they had signed their first player.

Josh Smith, an 18 year old from Scotland, will be the first official player to join the Butte Cobras roster.

Smith has been playing hockey in Toronto for the Junior A Toronto Predators this year. In 30 games this season, the 5'9 forward has recorded 5 goals and 3 assists.

Cobra head coach Jon Jonasson, who is currently in Minnesota, said he is glad he was able to get him signed on the dotted line this week.

"Josh is a strong character type player," said Jonasson. "He's a good asset off and on the ice just from speaking with him the last year. He's a finesse type player and he's going to fit a really good role on a scoring type line."

Jonasson, who had been in Indianapolis scouting, says the roster should start filling out rapidly after this first signing.

"I think they'll start coming pretty fluidly now," Jonasson said. "I offered some contracts out this week in Indianapolis. I should hear from three of four of those guys this week."

With a name now officially on the roster, Jonasson says he can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on bringing other key pieces of the team together.

"After the first one the rest come a little bit easier," Jonasson said. "The last three years I haven't signed a player before May 15th, so I feel ahead of the game right now and should be able to get a couple more this week to. "

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