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Bobcat seniors reminiscence on past Cat-Griz moments


Msu vs Montana

Cody Kirk sat down behind a set of microphones Tuesday for one last time to discuss the Cat-Griz rivalry. Kirk has been one of the greatest Bobcat running backs of all time, setting the schools rushing TD record in the first game of the season. Today he and his fellow seniors took a look back at some of their favorite memories from the Cat-Griz rivalry.

Kirk grew up in Frenchtown, Montana, a predominantly Griz fan base. Despite his location, Kirk has been a Bobcat fan since he was a child, even enduring the dreaded streak of 16 straight losses to the Griz.

"It was tough during the streak," said Kirk. "It was not easy but I have a great memory of when we broke the streak. The Missoulian title that day was 'snow-joke.' That was hanging in my room for two to three years. It's awesome to go and be able to play in it now. It's a privilege."

Another Bobcat and Montana native had a different experience with the rivalry. Bobcat defensive phenomenon Brad Daly was being scouted by both teams in high school, but the Griz were 'Bear-ly' ready when they tried to recruit him.

"Well they didn't recruit me very hard," Daly said. "I only talked to one guy from there and he thought my name was Doug, so it wasn't that hard of a choice."

Then there's quarterback DeNarius McGhee. McGhee has been phenomenal since coming to Montana State, but he was not born and raised in the Treasure State. McGhee was born in the Lone Star State. However,  McGhee  says he has spent enough time here to know how much the rivalry truly means.

"After being here for five years I've actually spent the same amount of time in Bozeman as I did in Dallas," said McGhee. "It's become a second home.  I understand exactly what it means to be a Bobcat. It's important to the state and it's important to me"

Saturday will have an added bonus for these seniors. The three say the perfect way to end the rivalry, and their senior year, will be to host the game at Bobcat Stadium.

"We always get a kick out of that 'mrrrrowww, mrrrowww,' said Kirk with a smile. "It's always good to joke about that, get a good laugh. But you love it. It's awesome to walk out there and as your kind of winding down to have the chance to cherish the little moments."

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