The season definitely didn't go according to plan for Washington State this spring.  Their baseball squad won only seven conference games on the year, putting them second to last in the final conference standings. 

"It was definitely a learning experience.  There were a lot of things that didn't go the way we wanted them to," said Pistorese.  "You just have to look back over the season and evaluate what you could and couldn't have done better and then make sure you work on it the next season."

Despite the lack of team success this season, Kalispell native Joe Pistorese put together another solid season on the mound for his Cougars.  His sophomore year he had two complete games which was a team best.  He finished with an ERA of 2.78, which was number one on the squad of anyone who pitched at least 35 innings, it was also top ten in the entire conference.  Also he recorded 61 strikeouts, by far the most on the team.  And yet for a competitive player like Pistorese, good is never good enough.

"As far as numbers go I know how all the other pitchers in the PAC-12 are doing and I catch myself comparing myself to them and if I'm not up towards the top five pitchers in the PAC-12 then I'm going to be frustrated and kicking myself a little bit."

Pistorese definitely had his share of the work load this spring.  He pitched a team high 100 innings, which was over 30 more innings than his freshman season.  Because of that work load his coaching staff decided that instead of playing summer ball in Massachusetts, his time would be best spent staying in Pullman this summer to work on his strength.

"It wouldn't be as big of a deal for me to go and get more innings as it would benefit me to stay in Pullman and work out.  Work on getting stronger and bigger and hopefully coming out as more of a dominant pitcher next year."

After being drafted in the 44th round out of high school, Pistorese will once again be draft eligible next spring as a junior.  And although he says it's always team first, professional baseball is always the ultimate goal.

"It's always a lingering factor.  It's always in the back of your mind.  What scouts are thinking and what scouts are saying.  Where you could go in the draft your junior year compared to your senior year.  We've just got to focus one game at a time and I'm not going to try to think about it at all at the beginning of the year.  Hopefully I can just play my game and dominant and then that'll happen on its own."