"I've been here for about 24, hours and I like it," said Osprey pitching coach Doug Bochtler. "I like it a lot actually, this is my kind of country. I live in Tennessee with the mountains, and the trees, and the rivers, and the lakes, so this is my kind of country here."

Today at Ogren Park in Missoula the media got to meet the 2013 Osprey baseball team for the first time. For most of the players on the roster Missoula is a new place that many of them have never been to before, but so far, the team has nothing but good things to say about the Garden City.

"Oh I love it," said Osprey catcher Stryker Trahan. "Seeing all the rivers and everything, just hearing the water rush, it's awesome."

"I love it.  It's a great spot and the facilities are nice, especially for a rookie league team they're super nice. I'm loving it so far," said first year Osprey manager Robby Hammock.

"It's a great place to play baseball.  "It's a great rookie ball place, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else playing rookie ball than Missoula," said Osprey outfielder Justin Bianco.

And while the team has only been practicing with each other for a little while now, they say the chemistry is already building throughout the clubhouse.

"We have great chemistry, a great group of guys.  They work hard and I'm looking forward to playing with them," said Osprey outfielder Colin Bray.

"The chemistry is going to be good," said Bianco. "Same thing as last year, half the guys are already with each other and half are new guys so the other half that are new are just going to team bond and get the chemistry built throughout the season so I think its going to be looking good."

"The chemistry in the clubhouse is really good," said Trahan. "We all get along, none of us really argue.  It's there, I feel this group is going to go."

The Osprey kick off their season with a home opener Thursday night in Missoula against the Helena Brewers.