Every prep athletes dream is to go on and play athletics at the collegiate level. For many western Montana high school athletes that dream is becoming a reality thanks to one former Griz who's helping kids get bigger, faster, and stronger.

After graduating from the University of Montana former Grizzly football player Steven Pfahler pursued his dream of playing in the NFL. But after being released by the Tennessee Titans Pfahler decided to pursue a different career path, helping high school athletes pursue their dreams of collegiate athletics.

"That's the most rewarding part of the job," said Pfahler. That's why I'm doing this is to help kids, it's just a great blessing to be able to just be a part of it."

Pfahler works one on one with all the kids he sees and there's no denying the results.

"He's making kids bigger faster and stronger," said future Montana Tech Oredigger Dave Anderson. "I saw improvements right away, right on the field I was getting so much faster, I could run down the fastest of athletes and hold my own against the biggest of lineman."

"Steve's great at what he does," said Hellgate senior Kole Swartz. "He's helped me a lot and he helps a lot of other kids in this town to make themselves better athletes too.  He knows what he's doing and he is all about helping us and making us better and pushing us to make ourselves better."

In just a short amount of time there's no question more and more high school athletes want to work out with Pfahler, and the majority of them are earning scholarships along the way.

"I think the popularity is picking up so fast because everybody is getting stronger and they're getting quicker and they really want to play at the next level," said future Dickinson State Bluehawk Ethan Donaldson. "I think every high school athlete should want to workout with Steve because results, they don't lie."

And while the Pfahler Sport Specific Gym has only been operating for a little under a year now, there's no limit to what the future holds for this workout program.  

"To me the way things are going I hope the sky can be the limit," said Pfahler. "I would say here in the next maybe six months we'll look at expanding."
"I see this thing blowing up," said Anderson. "I see in the near future every major high school athlete that wants to go into college will start lifting with Steve."
"I never would have thought that I would be right here where I am and the gym's been open for less than a year," said Pfahler.

Of the ten seniors that Pfahler worked out with this past year, eight of them have earned athletic scholarships for college programs while the other two will be walking on.