During his career at the University of Montana, Tyler Hobbs gave everything he had to the Grizzly Football program. Now Hobbs is giving back his knowledge of the game and helping Missoula's youth in the process.  

"Were just going to be doing a lot of fundamentals really working on how to get in the proper position, try to develop some muscle memory so when they do get to their youth programs or they get into high school, they have a foundation" said Hobbs.

Hobbs says he's always been the type of person to help others out, and he's even getting help coaching from some former high school football players.

"I was blessed with the gift of being a leader and a mentor," said Hobbs. "It's just great to be able to give back to the community and I'm just excited to get out there coaching. I've got a lot of great help from some of the high school kids that will be going on to play college ball that have worked really hard and can share their experience, and their high school experience with these kids, and I'm looking forward to building a culture around Missoula of getting excited to play high school football."

Former Big Sky Eagle, and incoming Grizzly Nico Graham is volunteering his time to help kids participating in the camp, he says it's his way of giving back to Hobbs.

"He came out and coached us, and so I feel like we kind of owe him in a way," said Graham.  "If he was willing to give his time to us I feel like being good citizens we should just give some of our time to him and help the community in whatever way we can."

Grizzly defensive coordinator Ty Gregorak stopped by to speak at the camp. He and Hobbs have a history with one another that goes way back. Both graduated from the same high school in Spokane, and Gregorak recruited Hobbs to play for Montana.

"It's awesome that Tyler is taking time out of his life to do this type of stuff," said Gregorak. "It's year one for Tyler, he'll get it going, nine kids will probably turn into 18 or more next year and it will just keep getting bigger and bigger. It's neat seeing guy's like Nico Graham who is going to be joining us here soon, and a lot of these guy's are going to get to go on and play football, and they're taking time out of their day to help some kids."

"Knowing Hobbs, he's always been a great coach," said Graham. "He knows exactly what he's doing. I would like to see this program and this camp really bump up, and I want to see more kids here and I have no doubt in my mind that throughout the years this will become a huge camp."

Hobbs will put on two more camps throughout the summer.