Athletes from across the state arrived in Bozeman Saturday morning for the first Bridger Crossfit Showdown at the Bridger Crossfit West facility.

As the whistle sounded and the clock began ticking, competitors began their quest to see who would be the fittest man and woman in Montana.

"We had over one hundred competitors today," said Bridger Crossfit athlete and event organizer Meriah Mcleish. "I'm always a little nervous. It's only my second year running it on my own. It's a new facility so some of the logistics were new but I think it worked pretty well."

There were five workouts in the day the athletes had to compete in with the best of group reaching the fifth and final workout titled, The Fight Gone Bad. The Fight consisted of 3 rounds each exercise a minute long. Each competitors began with one minute of continuous wall balls, then rotating to sumo deadlift high pulls, followed by twenty inch box jumps, push press and finally rows. That was the end of round one before they jumped right back into walls balls to begin the second round.

"Fight Gone Bad. It's just one of those you just got to go and grind it out and that's right up my alley," said Billings competitor Bri Sands.

"That Fight Gone Bad. That's not really my favorite style of workout," said Bidger competitor Mac Curran.

Obviously very differing opinions from every athlete as each holds their own set of strengths and weaknesses. What made it more interesting is that those two competitors were the winners in the final round. Bri and Mac were the leaders heading into the RX final and were able to hold on to their lead to secure a victory in the finale. They both said that the support from the other athletes and fans at the showdown helped push them to the top spot on the podium.

"Whether you're coming in first place or you're coming in last place, you're still gonna get that applause and that support from the community," said Mac.

"You're around a bunch of people and you have the crowd screaming and pushing you a little bit more," Bri said as she smiled.

"Bozeman, Montana, and just the crossfit community in general is so great," said Meriah. "They're so supportive of each other."

One big question I had for these athletes was how do you celebrate after such a grueling event.

"Sleep!" Mac immediately said. "That's the way of celebrating because that last WOD (workout of the day) took it out of me!"

"Hopefully get a burger and maybe another beer," Bri said as she laughed

With the first showdown now in the books, Meriah already has some ideas as to how to make the next Showdown even better.

"It may be a few more people in there," she said. "I've got to get creative and see what I can plot for them. I try to surprise them if I can. It's all about the unknown and unknowable and that's what makes it such a good time."