Bozeman Hawks quarterback Will Weyer has just finished his junior year of high school but he has made one of life's biggest decisions before his senior year even starts.

"For me college is a lot about just getting away and just forming new experiences and meeting new people and getting away from Bozeman," Will told me. "But still staying in Montana is like home away from home."

Will has decided to head to the University of Montana to play for the Grizzlies after attending a camp at the college that made it feel just like home.

"Going up there for this camp last week, I never really though that i was gonna commit but it just felt right, everything felt right." He said.

Will's older brother Ben Weyer plays guard for the University of Montana and the chance to reunite with him was to good to pass up.

"Playing on this field right here a couple years ago was unbelievable," Will said. "And just to think that we could maybe make that happen again is just awesome to think about."

Many in Bozeman were hoping that Will would be wearing a Bobcat uniform, and though he will be on the Griz he had nothing but praise for the MSU program.

"I love the coaches up at MSU," Will said with a smile. "They have a great program. Coach Ash, he's been awesome and that program is definitely going up hill."

Now with this big decision out of the way, Will is just looking forward to his final season as a hawk.

"Its definitely a relief having all that pressure on your shoulders its kind of big and then knowing where you're gonna go you can just kinda take a deep breath and relax about that whole thing and just kinda finish out your senior year and just focus on football and finishing out that last year."