High school football season is less than a week old but already changes can be seen for some programs; Missoula Hellgate will be seeing a big change moving forward.

It was announced on Friday, November 22 that R.L. Boyles has resigned from his position as head coach of the Knights.  A physics teacher at Hellgate High, Boyles was the head coach there for the past five years.

Over those seasons the Knights struggled heavily to win class 'AA' football games.  Hellgate has managed only five total wins in the past five seasons and this fall the Knights failed to win a game, finishing with a record of 0-10.

Boyles indicated upon his resignation that he has not reached his personal expectations as a coach and that he feels it appropriate to step aside and let another coach step into the opportunity and hopefully lead the team to success.

Despite the lack of team success, some players say there were plenty of things to take away from their time under Boyles.

"He was always really positive about you if things aren't going well you’ve got to put the one that just happened behind you, move forward, and always keep your eye on the prize,” said standout Knights senior Kole Swartz. “Good things are going to happen, it didn't happen as a team for us, but there were individuals that worked hard and did everything he said and are successful that way."