Head Coach Mick Delaney’s overall comments of Montana’s “Class of 2013":


“I am just tremendously excited about this class, as are the rest of our coaches. This time of the year everybody’s a player obviously – it’s what happens down the road in a couple of years. With everything that’s been happening we set out with basically 12 scholarships, and we’ve been able to secure more than 20 players.”

“From top to bottom this class has the things that we felt we needed to have to be a better football team – that is some height and speed at wide receiver; some speed at the corner positions; some physical guys at safety. At the running back position we had to have two quality guys, and I think we got that. With three (senior) linebackers leaving this year we had to have some help there and I think we filled that. And then at the tight end position obviously we need help there, and I think we got that with two freshmen who are capable physically to come in and play as true freshmen.”

“So, once again, from top to bottom, this class is excellent. And to put them with last year’s class, I think they’re two as good recruiting classes as you could ever hope for. You know we’ll see down the road, but I couldn’t be more happy with the work that our coaches have done to put this class together.”


CLASS BREAKDOWN (24 players):

By position: Wide receiver: 6; defensive backs: 5; tight ends: 4; running backs: 3; WR/DB: 2; quarterback: 1; defensive line: 1; offensive line: 1; linebacker: 1.

By States (10): Montana: 8; Washington: 4; Oregon: 3; Arizona: 2; California: 2; Idaho: 1; Indiana: 1; Minnesota: 1;South Dakota: 1; Utah: 1.