The rosters were announced for the 67th annual East-West Shrine Game, the premier all-star football clash for the best high school players from all classes across the state. This summer the annual contest will take place July 20th in Butte, several players from the Missoula and Kalispell 'AA' schools made their way onto the roster for the west.


ILB                          DAVID                    ANDERSON           FRENCHTOWN                                       

REC                         BRYCE                     ARMSTRONG       BUTTE HIGH                                        

CB                           COLE                        BAKER                    MISSOULA BIG SKY            

OLB                         MAC                        BIGNELL                 DRUMMOND                       

RB                           GUNNAR                BREKKE                  CAPITAL                                

RB                           ZACH                       BUNNEY                 BUTTE HIGH                         

OT                           NICK                        BUTOROVICH       BUTTE HIGH                         

REC                         AUSTIN                   CARVER                  DILLON                                 

DE                           DAVE                       CROSS                    HOT SPRINGS                       

S                              WILL                        DAVEY                    POLSON                                

DE                           LEVI                         DAWES                   CAPITAL                                

S                              BEN                         FOLSOM                 DILLON                      

OT                           CALEB                     GILLIS                     DILLON                                 

REC                         NICO                       GRAHAM                MISSOULA BIG SKY            

REC                         KYLE                        GRIFFITH                GLACIER                                

S                              RIAL                        GUNLIKSON          GLACIER                                

ILB                          CJ                             HOLLAND              HELENA HIGH                      

SPEC                       BO                           HUGHES                 MISSOULA LOYOLA           

CB                           JOSH                       JANSSEN                MISSOULA LOYOLA           

DE                           DEVIN                     JEFFRIES                 GLACIER                                

REC                         ADAM                     KAY                         SUPERIOR                             

OG                          JOEL                        KRAMER                MISSOULA HELLGATE        

REC                         CHRIS                     LANDON                BIGFORK