Yvonne Frick

I am a native to this beautiful Big Hole Valley. I was raised on our family ranch in Jackson.

The town of Jackson was named after my great great grandfather who homesteaded there in the 1890s.

I attended grade school in Jackson and then to Dillon by way of bus for high school. After a couple years at MSU in Bozeman, I returned to Wisdom where I worked and raised two children.

My daughter and her three children also live here. I worked 20 years at Southern Montana Telephone Company, retired from there in 2005 to marry my husband.He moved to Wisdom and here we are.

My father has always been interested in weather forecasts and has always kept an eye and ear to what was going to happen as it made quite a difference on the daily activities of running the ranch.

He has journals with weather reports back a good 50 years.

I have not followed in his footsteps but I am interested in sharing the highs and very lows of temperature with your viewers.

Wisdom is noted for some very cold temps from time to time and I am more than willing to help when I can keep you abreast of things here.

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