Young Eagles take to the skies


rebecca vogt By Rebecca Vogt, KCFW Reporter,
POSTED: 6:18 PM May 19 2013
Young Eagles take to the skies

Kids of all ages were able to earn their wings at the Kalispell City Airport on Saturday. The Young Eagles event was put on by pilots involved in the Experimental Aircraft Association. Young Eagles is a subset of the EAA, encouraging youth to learn more about what it takes to become a pilot.

The Kalispell chapter taught kids about inspecting a plane prior to takeoff, as well as how the instrument panel works inside the cockpit. The Eagles and their pilots then took to the skies for a 20 minute flight around the Flathead. One young pilot said he hopes to become a pilot, just like his grandfather.

"The neatest part is when I get to drive and stuff," said Jacob Skalsky. "That's what I really enjoy about flying with my grandpa."

Since the early 1990s, Young Eagles and the EAA have given 1.6 million kids a chance to fly.