Yellowstone road reopens, fire may close it again

POSTED: 11:03 AM Aug 21 2013   UPDATED: 11:38 AM Aug 21 2013

Yellowstone National Park officials have reopened a road closed by a wildfire but tell visitors at the tail end of the park's busy season to expect the road to close again.
The Alum Fire has burned about 12 square miles but has been growing little over the past few days.
Even so, park officials are making preliminary evacuation plans for Lake Village on the north shore of Yellowstone Lake. The fire is about five miles north of Lake Village.
Thick smoke prompted park officials to close part of the road north of Fishing Bridge on Tuesday.
The road reopened Wednesday but Yellowstone spokesman Dan Hottle says it could close again with little or no warning. He says visitors should be prepared to drive long distances around the closure area.