Officials at Yellowstone National Park temporarily closed Firehole Lake Drive after extreme heat from surrounding thermal areas melted portions of the road.

According to a press release, thermal features along the road changed, causing thick oil to bubble to the surface of the road, damaging the asphalt and leaving the road unsafe for travel.

Firehole Lake Drive is a 3.3-mile loop just north of Old Faithful.  The closure of the road means tourists won’t be able to access several popular geysers, including Great Fountain Geyser and White Dome Geyser, as well Firehole Lake.

Naturally changing features often damage the park’s boardwalks and roads, but park Spokesman Al Nash says this damage may be a bit tougher to repair.

The road will be closed for several days until it can be repaired.  Crews are unsure at this time how long that could take. 

You can get information on the latest park road closures at this link.