BOZEMAN, Mont. -

An update tonight on the back and forth between the State of Montana and Yellowstone Club Co-Founder Tim Blixseth.

Blixseth says he wants to seek damages against the state over it's failed attempt to force him into bankruptcy.

Montana alleges Blixseth owes some $57 million in back taxes.

We participated in a conference call Thursday. He contends the state's actions are politically motivated and in bad faith.

Blixseth says he wants his legal fees reimbursed and damages between $200 million and $600 million.

"You alluded that the poor tax payers of Montana really suffered because they didn't collect a bogus 57 million dollar bill from me. That bill is not due. It's never been due and I want to go on the record right now saying that," says Blixseth.

Blixseth is also going after Yellowstone Club creditors. They joined the state case in an attempt to get him to pay up on a $41 million judgement.