Heavy snowfall, plummeting temperatures, gusty winds and whiteout conditions hit the Kalispell area mid-afternoon making driving treacherous. The wintry conditions are expected to continue well into the day Tuesday.

Most Montana natives have learned ways to adjust to winter -- we met up with Kalispell resident Tyler Hensleigh at a gas station in Kalispell after evening rush hour traffic had died down.

"I'm lucky to have winter tires on already. Yeah, so it's not so bad," he said. 

Hensleigh tells us this is normal around here for Montana. "I've been here most of my life, so this is the typical weather of winter Montana."

Earlier Monday, whiteout conditions and slick roads made driving difficult for travelers, but since then plow trucks have been out in force and the road conditions have improved.

Even though the weather has become more mild, sand trucks are still busy at work into the night.

David Prunty is the Flathead County Public Works Director. "If there's no snow, typically our sanding trucks are out checking their area because it doesn't take long to turn an intersection into a pretty dangerous situation," he said.

Prunty tells us that the sand trucks will be out at 5:30 Tuesday morning, which is two hours earlier than normal. They want to make sure that everyone in the county has a safe morning commute