Snow and slush has made travel treacherous in much of western Montana. When winds pick up, drifting snow is possible.

The Forest Service warns backcountry enthusiasts to be careful. But it's a big weekend for winter sports.

The snow was wet enough to warrant rain gear in Florence.

On Friday morning, log truck driver Bob Lohf had just driven in from Idaho, where he had picked up a load of logs. He was knocking the weather off his truck.

"All this slush and ice," said Lohf, "we probably gain a thousand pounds, so lots of time it will put us over eight at the scale."

He was taking those logs to the sawmill in Seeley Lake. Seeley is deep in winter. That's good because this weekend is the 4th annual pond hockey tournament.

48 teams from all over the country are attending.

Crews were preparing the ice on Seeley Lake for the games. They had a good six inches of snow to remove.

Teams are coming from at least 11 states and Canada and are expected to spend tens of thousands of dollars.