An East Missoula church is left looking for answers after vandals busted the window out of a church van.

“I've grown to love this community,” said River of Life Pastor Jason Tonn. That’s why he was surprised to find a broken window on the church van Wednesday morning.

The Missoula County Sheriff's Office said it looks like a blunt object was used to smash the window and that nothing was taken from inside.

Tonn said it's hard not to wonder if somebody did it on purpose.

“It hurts a little bit but it probably not anything that was intentional as that,” said Tonn. “It was probably just somebody making a bad choice on a particular day.”

Either way the church will have to pay to replace the window. Tonn says it may not be cheap because it’s a special type of window that fits in the van. But the van is vital to a program River of Life hopes to launch this fall.

“We were going to start a ministry where we would go and pick up different people throughout the community, homeless people, that we would be able to bring in and serve them a breakfast, have them be able to sit in on a church service,” said Tonn. “And then send them out with at least hopefully a sack lunch.”

The van is also used for community programs and after school activities.

“Obviously we have youth programs and other things that do utilize the van from time to time.”

Tonn said regardless of the crime River of Life respects its East Missoula community.

“We work with all the different community leaders because we want the community to know, hey we're not just about you coming in to our church service, but we want to love this community and do our best to raise it.”

If you have information about the broken window you call Five Valleys Crimestoppers to submit an anonymous tip. The number is (406) 721-4444.