The Second Street Apartments project, proposed by Community Infill Partners, was tabled during a March Planning Board meeting. The board heard several complains from neighbors about the large number of apartments and condos planned for the fields near the intersection of East Second Street and Armory Road.

Developers went back to the drawing board and revised the project, decreasing the number of apartments and adding single family homes to match the neighborhood. Still, residents are worried about size, traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and whether the project fits the city's growth plan.

"If the planning board sees all the emails, all the flyers, and that there is a big concern in our neighborhood, [they'll] take it into consideration not to pass," said Armory Road resident Greg Hennen.

"I'm not sour, because people should have places to live," said JD Hughes, who lives on East Second. "But it isn't a good situation for this right here. I think we have to decide what kind of a town we want this to be."

Planning staff recommends the planning board approve the project. The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 6 p.m.