A proposed Whitefish development continues to push buttons, even as it's passed by the city's planning board. Second Street Residences has sparked serious discussion about traffic, zoning, and aesthetics among neighbors, even after developers downsized the project.

The project has been reviewed and tabled twice by the Whitefish Planning Board. In it's third reading, developers drew up 143 units - apartments, mother-in-law units, and attached and detached condos for the lot. Originally, 174 units were planned. It was approved by the board Thursday 5-1.

The planning board feels Second Street Residences would give Whitefish more options for affordable housing. While residents aren't against development, they'd like to see growth that fits the character of the neighborhood.

"It's pretty upsetting. It's obviously not something the neighborhood here wants because everyone has lived here for so long," explained Demi Sullivan, who grew up on Armory Road. "We're used to a lesser amount of traffic here and there's kids everywhere. So obviously the traffic thing is kind of a worry."

Whitefish City Council will take a closer look at Second Street Residences on August 19.