Updated Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013 7:00pm

The Whitefish city council voted Monday night to reject the measure as proposed because it was connected to a particular buy-sell agreement that had expired. Councilors then approved a measure authorizing city manager Chuck Stearns to continue pursuing negotiations towards purchasing city beach properties.

The city council in Whitefish is considering a land acquisition that would allow them to expand parking at the Whitefish City Beach. The council is set to vote tonight on a measure that would allow city manager Chuck Stearns to continue negotiations with a group of three joint land owners.  The property in question is a parcel directly across from the boat launch at the city beach and adjoining the current beach parking lot.


Stearns estimates that the new lot could allow as many as 45 additional parking spaces at the beach. Residents near the beach have raised concerns in recent years about beach parking overflowing into  the surrounding neighborhoods and the city has been investigating land purchase options that would allow for a parking expansion. Stearns tells us that the lot in question is an ideal scenario and a top choice for the city due to its location.


The property has not officially been listed for sale and the joint owners have not decided if they even want to sell, but the city was approached with the possibility and have thus far decided to continue moving forward investigating the potential.

The city is considering the parcel at a purchase price around $450,000, when you add in the costs associated with engineering and construction of a parking lot, including leveling the parcel that sits on a slight slope, the project total would be somewhere just short of $700,000