Whitefish businesses see increase in sales


POSTED: 6:18 PM Jun 11 2013   UPDATED: 6:27 PM Jun 11 2013
Whitefish Resort Tax

Whitefish has seen an increase in business this year. According to City Manager Chuck Stearns, resort tax collections have brought in more money in recent years. 

This March brought in 24 percent more in collections than the previous year, making it the best March for resort tax collections since 1996.

It's welcome news for Whitefish, considering that March, April, and May are usually the slowest times for business in the area.

Many feel that business can grow even more, and Whitefish resident Richard Syzes believes that will benefit the town.

“This is Montana and it's beautiful,” said Syzes.  “If we can prevent the degrading of this area, too, then we will have more and more business.”