At the Western Montana Fair, one sheriff’s officer tells NBC Montana that it’s frequent that children get separated from their groups. Authorities are hoping to get the word out there, that there’s a lot fair-goers can do to help security at the fair run smoothly.

One official tells NBC Montana that the longest a child has been missing so far this year was 45 minutes, though it reportedly turned out to be a 14-year-old girl who had gone home without telling her parents.

Officers tell NBC Montana that when a kid goes missing, authorities work to get a description quickly, and then get that info out to all the officers on the fairgrounds.

Security has also had to deal with other incidents, including an alleged theft. Missoula Police Lieutenant Bob Bouchee tells NBC Montana that someone stole paint from a vendor doing temporary tattoos. Officers also had to deal with an argument between juveniles, and a minor in possession of alcohol.

“Our goal at the fair is to maintain the safety of the participants and the public that come to enjoy the fair,” said Bouchee. Officers recommend fair-goers keep a close eye on their possessions and kids.

“Parents or guardians coming with, especially, young children… Keep them close. It’s very easy for kids to get distracted and kind of wander off, not intentionally of course,” said Bouchee.