It was a short appearance in court Wednesday for Jeremy Cramer, who's accused of killing his own son. Cramer's attorney entered a plea of not guilty.

Cramer sat silent as Judge John Larson of Missoula County went over the charges. Cramer is facing one count of deliberate homicide.

Defense Attorney Walt Hennessey spoke for him when the judge asked him how he wanted to plea.

Court documents paint a grim picture, saying police arrested Cramer after witnesses reported seeing a man trying to wash blood off his clothes at a nearby convenience store.

Cramer is accused of taking his 3-year-old son Broderick from his his home in Lacey, Wash., and driving to Anaconda and killing him the night of July 8.

When investigators began searching at day break, they discovered Broderick's body outside of town.

When they took him in for questioning, investigators claim Cramer acted erratic and may have taken an large amount of prescription medication, and that he allegedly admitted to killing his son on a recorded phone call with his father.

In court Wednesday, Cramer didn't speak.  His attorney told the judge he wished to enter the not guilty plea.