VICTOR, Mont. -

From the Cadbury Bunny, to the chocolate rabbits the Easter Bunny leaves in children's baskets, rabbits are a huge part of Easter celebration.

The hutches in Katie Freeman's barn are places of wonder. Brand new life is everywhere.

"I think I've got eight litters in the barn right now," said Freeman.

Freeman showed rabbits when she was a kid in 4-H.

Today, she's Ravalli County's 4-H rabbit leader, and the superintendent of rabbits at the fair.

Her little girl, Nora, loves rabbits too.

Her nephew Kenny Burge, shows off his rabbit MaryAnn. He has another little doe named Lovey. Kenny is a fan of the TV show Gilligan's Island.

Katie shows and sells rabbits.

"For a show bunny," said Katie, "you're looking for a specific type, coloring, temperament, and for pet bunnies, they've just got to be cute."

She has about 50 rabbits right now. And numbers can escalate quickly.

"They're my way of life," said Freeman. "I can see myself in a wheelchair, 90 years old, and still doing this."

She said some of the rabbits will be used for meat. It's a cycle of life and death that her children know.

Some of the rabbits will become pets.

But Katie tells everyone that while a bunny may be cute, they also require care and attention. She said if you take a rabbit, you take on a lot of responsibility.

It will be a special holiday in the Freeman household.

Katie's son Tucker, who is raising his own rabbits, will turn 8-years-old on Easter Sunday.